Jessica Fernandez is a Graphic designer and entrepreneur in the art and fashion industry.

She combines cross-cultural influence in her designs with her love of fine art, natural elements and everyday life.

Raised in Venezuela, Jessica was immersed in a tropical paradise along the Caribbean Coastline. She was further inspired by the diverse natural habitats of South America. 

Now residing in the South Florida, her designs pair Caribbean style with an influence of chic, luxurious South Beach.

On 2017, Jessica dared to follow her dream and passion, creating beautiful handbags that bridge the barrier between fashion and function.  Her latest works of art encompass memories of natural wonders from her youth, using a lush colorful pallet, with snakeskin, crocodile embossed leather and geometric design patterns.  Enlisting help from Colombia artisan craftsmanship her vision materializes into pieces with contrasting colors, full of design elements and fashion forward function.

Saravanny will speak to you through its unique collection of rich, happy, colorful bags. Saravanny collection is made for you!