Why are women handbags so important?

For women, handbags are more than just an accessory, they have become our  inseparable friend, our confident, where our secrets are kept. It is unimaginable to go anywhere and not to carry a bag, we feel naked, like a part of us is missing. 

Handbags are used in our daily life to carry our wallets, keys, make up, hairbrush, cellphone, and even more;  but nowadays, it is a fashion statement. Each and every woman has their own and unique style when it comes to fashion, how they combine colors, textures, etc.; but the accessories such as shoes, jewelry and of course handbags are the cherry on the top of the cake, which put together a complete look. 

Handbags have the ability to make us feel powerful, influential, on a certain social or economic status, happy, outgoing, and confident. As women, we have the power to change the world and most of the time we have in our hands and as Debbie Percy, Life Coach, said "If you want changes in your life, your bag is a good starting point".