Miami Fashion Week

Hello everybody, I would like to share with you my incredible experience at the Miami Fashion week event where  I meet important designers and people from all part of the world.
I was able to see their work for the next coming seasons, what is and what will be the trending in the wonderful world of fashion.
Amazing collections were shown on the runway of the event. For me, it was a rewarding experience. I was filled with inspiration just being surrounded by new and experienced designers.  For example, I was delighted with the Collection of Agatha Ruiz de la Prada.  Her collection was a festival of color. Other designers were able to show their proposals for fashionable nights, as well as different areas of the fashion industry, such as, handbags, shoes, jewelry, outdoor activities garments  like swimming suits, hats  and sunglasses.

The Miami Fashion Show is a unique event for local and international designers to share their views of what will be tending on the coming seasons.

Fashion is my passion. Fashion is art. Fashion is the view how designers see the world.